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Scissor Sisters - Where's The Love?

Is it that we don't get it? There seems to be two different takes on how this band is being accepted, us and theirs. In the UK, the Scissor Sisters have just announced that they'll be headlining this year's giant V Festival on August 20th and 21st. That is pretty big news. Add to that, they were the number one selling record in the UK last year. #1 selling album! Beat everybody else. Beat Keane, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand and Kylie Minogue. And they're from New York City. Go figure.

Now look at the US. Little bit of buzz, appearance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and check your Soundscan™. You'll see them this week at #195 with 6,143 units. Year to date 179,586. Is radio missing out on something? The UK have A&R'ed quite a few US bands the last couple years. They broke the Strokes, the White Stripes and Kings of Leon. US labels now even send their bands to the UK first to get some momentum in the hype-friendly UK press. If the Brits like it, then we'll like it. So why haven't the Scissor Sisters enjoyed a nice sales bump after winning them over?

Are they the Bush of America? No not W, the Gavin Rossdale jammie. They were always more popular in the US than their native UK. Are they too camp? We love our Queer Eye and Elton John. Hey, soccer moms love Ellen. Whatever it is, they haven't figured it out yet. Maybe they need a T.V. commercial to break them. Radio seems to want to avoid this one.

Scissor Sisters - Where's The Love?