Swervedriver - Juggernaut Rides Anthology Released

On March 14, one of the UK's most under appreciated bands, Swervedriver, is going to release a a 2CD compilation called, Juggernaut Rides. It's on Caste Records and Sanctuary is putting it out in the US but when[?]. The set will have some favorites, some b-sides, and a couple of unreleased tracks. I challenge the Tripwire faithful to find a better ready-for-radio-song that never happened than "The Birds". Another highlight on this comp is epic psychedelic perfection "Last Day On Earth" off Ejector Seat Reservation, the record that Geffen made but never put out. Not releasing that record is still one of rock-n-roll's bigger blunders. There are also some tracks that have previously only been available on vinyl so you're in luck if you're looking forward to owning a clean copy of "Why Say Yeah" and "My Zephyr".

Regarding the two new songs, lead singer Adam Franklin was quoted in an old interview: "There was a song called "Just Sometimes" that I wanted to re-name "Song of Laughter & Forgetting" which has all the instruments and melodies going round in cycles, a song called "Neon Lights Glow" which is ten minutes long, has a string section on it and is a cross between "Neon Lights" by Kraftwerk, "Rumble" by Duane Eddy and "Signed DC" by Love, and "Ennio II" which has an Ennio Morricone feel but is really just a strange little instrumental. None of these tracks are available as far as I know, but what do I know?"

For the shoegazers, pour out some of your 40's for the Swervies and glide into this:


01. "The Birds"
02. "Duel"
03. "Never Lose That Feeling"
04. "99th Dream"
05. "Sciflyer"
06. "The Other Jesus"
07. "Duress"
08. "Deep Seat"
09. "Behind The Scenes Of The Sounds And The Times"
10. "Kill The Superheroes"
11. "These Times"
12. "How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy"
13. "Son Of Mustang Ford" (single version)
14. "Land Of The Lost"
15. "Rave Down"
16. "Sandblasted"
17. "Planes Over The Skyline"
18. "Cars Converge On Paris"


01. "Blowin' Cool"
02. "My Zephyr"
03. "Just Sometimes"
04. "Over"
05. "Juggernaut Rides"
06. "Ejector Seat Reservation"
07. "The Hitcher"
08. "Maelstrom"
09. "Neon Lights Glow"
10. "A Change Is Gonna Come"
11. "93 Million Miles From The Sun ...And Counting"
12. "Scrawl & Scream"
13. "For Seeking Heat"
14. "Son Of Mustang Ford" (demo)
15. "Last Train To Satansville"
16. "Why Say Yeah"
17. "Mars"
18. "Last Day on Earth"
19. "Wrong Treats"

Swervedriver - Juggernaut Rides Anthology Released