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RIP - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 1937-2005

Great sharks and gonzos,

The love affair with language ends. Arguably the best prose stylist of his generation, and perhaps (until his untimely passing) America’s greatest living author, the “Good Doctor” was not only the father of gonzo journalism but also the blog community. So sayeth the New York Times, “Mr. Thompson's approach in many ways mirrors the style of modern-day bloggers, those self-styled social commentators who blend news, opinion and personal experience on Internet postings. Like bloggers, Mr. Thompson built his case for the state of America around the framework of his personal views and opinions.”

So, as we raise our tumblers of Chivas, we all are indebted to the lunatic. Without him, we would not be sharing our thoughts here. We are trying to get our inner-Duke in each posting. As we stand in his shadow, we realize a voice like no other has been silenced. Shocked, but somehow not surprised. You will be missed.

RIP - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 1937-2005