RIP Y100 - Philadelphia Left Without A Modern Rock Outlet

Yet another sad day in modern rock radio as WPLY/Y100, Philadelphia looks to be signing off at the end of the day. This morning during Y100's morning show, Preston & Steve, all the station's personalities and staff were in the studio reminiscing about the station's past and hinting towards the stations imminent demise.

Y100 has been Philadelphia's only home for modern rock since the demise of WDRE and been on the air for a total of 12 years. Over the years Jim McGuinn and staff have put on some of the best radio events in the country - FEZtivals, FEASTivals and Sonic Sessions, and have been a champion and friend to many of Modern Rock's finest bands and record labels.

This news hits especially close to home for the Cornerstone family as we've long been partners with Y100 on numerous projects and I myself was a former employee of the station for five plus years. So our thoughts are with all the great staff at the station and may they all land at stations or other outlets where they can put their great talents to use.

But have no fear, the internet protest has already started, presumably set up station personnel tipped to the flip at...

Log on and read the story behind the flip and let Y100's parent company, and the people who have made the decision to make Philadelphia the largest city in America without an Alternative station, Radio One, know how you feel about it.

Source: Patrick Schmidt

RIP Y100 - Philadelphia Left Without A Modern Rock Outlet