Is There Hope For Y100?

Since Y100 was disgustingly yanked off the air yesterday, over 10,000 people have signed an online petition to "save" the station. That's over 10,000 people in less than 24 hours, just to be clear. Now it's time for all of us to get involved. Damn the man! Sign this petition. Then, send it to all your friends and have them sign it.

Just in case you need a little persuading, Program Director Jim McGuinn was going to make Y100's last day on the air its best. He programmed a SICK day of music for everyone in Philly, playing The Clash, Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, etc. However, the big whigs at Radio One (owners of Y100), decided that the world would come to an end if these songs actually made it on the air. Those douche bags actually went in, on Y100's last day, and changed all of McGuinn's programming.

"I was pissed because the music was gonna be AWESOME, but they went in an
redid half the log - took out the Bob Marley, Strokes, Sex pistols, etc.," McGuinn tells the Tripwire. "Like, who fucking cares guys? Did you have to put the Candlebox songs on the air? It's everything that's wrong wiith the whole radio biz in the very fact that the station is getting kicked off in an hour and you gotta take OUT the Clash to make room for 3 Doors Down? What the hell is wrong wtih these people?"

Is There Hope For Y100?