Dinosaur Jr. Reunites

After nearly fifteen years, it appears that Lou Barlow and J. Mascis have patched things up. The duo has been feuding for over a decade, and yet out of nowhere we get word of a Dinosaur Jr. reunion show. Yes, the original lineup will be back on stage! Perhaps they have learned to forgive and forget, or perhaps it is strictly to promote the reissue of their influential album You’re Living All Over Me. Regardless of the reasoning behind this, Barlow and Mascis have confirmed a performance as Dinosaur Jr. at this year’s Fuji Rock Festival. There is no mention of any US dates as of yet, so keep your fingers crossed. The newly remastered version of You’re Living All Over Me is getting the Deluxe Edition treatment, which will also include some bonus tracks. Here is the official track listing:

01. “Little Fury Things”
02. “Kracked”
03. “Sludgefest”
04. “The Lung”
05. “Raisans”
06. “Tarpit”
07. “In A Jar”
08. “Lose”
09. “Poledo”
10. “Just Life Heaven”
11. “Little Fury Things” (video)
12. “Just Like Heaven” (video)

Dinosaur Jr. Reunites