Dizzee Done In

Mercury Prize winner Dizzee Rascal (a.k.a Dylan Mills) was arrested, along with his 34-year-old driver, on Wednesday morning after their car was stopped by police in east London. What pre-tell was he carrying? The 20-year-old rap artist was taken into custody for allegedly carrying pepper spray, considered a section five firearm. Not to go off on some profiling tangent, but c'mon. I know UK rap is weak but do they have to arrest their rappers for carrying something joggers use to fend off attacking dogs? What's next? Possession of a can of whoop ass? Rascal's driver was also done in for possession of pepper spray, an ASP baton (an offensive weapon), and cannabis.

"They were both taken into custody at an east London police station and they were later released on bail to return on April 8," said a police spokesman. Three other men who had been passengers in the car were searched and released.

Funny how the weed possession in the UK gets such minor treatment and you can get arrested for having an "offensive weapon". Refreshing I guess. But what is offensive to you, may not be for me.

I wonder why they got pulled over in the first place? I wonder *scratching temple*...

Dizzee Done In