Queen Elizabeth To Clapton: "And You Are...?"

So the Queen has a party at Buckingham Palace earlier this week to celebrate the country's thriving music industry. The ageing monarch held a reception for over 500 guests including Queen guitarist Brian May, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and guitarist Jeff Beck. Reminiscent of David Spade's "And you are?" SNL skit, the queen was introduced to guitar icon Eric Clapton. He introduced himself and told her majesty what he did for a living while shaking her firmly by the hand. The queen asked him: "Have you been playing a long time?".

Puzzled, Clapton replied: "It must be 45 years now."

A dope slap should have been automatic. How do you not know who world famous people are? I can understand if the Queen was blonde and stacked and went to my high school, but c'mon. A party for the music industry... your biggest star...and you give him the "And you are...? And I know you how...?". In the words of Anchorman's Champ Kind, "whammy!".

However, Clapton was not the only famous musician the monarch failed to recognize. After greeting Brain May, the Queen musician informed the queen that he had previously played the British national anthem during the rock concert held at the palace in 2002 to mark her Golden Jubilee, to which the her majesty replied "Oh! That was you, was it?"

Cue Johnny Rotten and the Pistols. Clueless heads of State, it's the new rage.

Queen Elizabeth To Clapton: "And You Are...?"