Save Y100 Rally This Saturday reports, Everyone at wants to thank you for signing the petition to save modern rock radio in Philadelphia. The Y100 staff is blown away by all of the heartfelt e-mails that you and thousands of other Y100 listeners have sent. At the time this is being written, over 47,000 people have signed the petition.

In addition to thanking you, we wanted to let you know the official information about the “Save Y100” rally. We have not organized this rally; you, the Y100 listeners, have organized it! We support the efforts of the organizers with every ounce of our being. The Y100 staff will be there, and we hope that you and ALL of your friends will be there. Here’s the information:

Date: Saturday March 5, 2005 – RAIN OR SHINE

Place: Art Museum steps

Time: 3 pm – Don’t be late

It is absolutely essential that we maintain a unified and positive attitude at this rally. Our intention is not to say that “hip hop is crap,” or “Down with Radio One!” This is a “Save Y100” rally. The city of Philadelphia needs alternative rock, and this is our chance to let our voices be heard.

It would be great if you made posters with slogans on them, but PLEASE refrain from using curse words or vulgarity. We want the media that covers this event to see enthusiastic and valuable members of the community. The goal is to attract corporations that own radio stations in the Philadelphia area and make them want to help us find a home on the radio dial. A smart rally will get their attention in a positive way. website and radio station accomplishments:
• Over 45,000 signatures on the “Save Y100” petition
• Over 30,000 hours of listening logged
• The attention of the local and national media, including Rolling Stone Magazine
• TV news coverage on Fox 29, CN8 and NBC 10
• Print coverage in Inquirer, Radio & Records, FMQB, local papers
• named presenting sponsor of Sum 41’s concert on April 13th at The Electric Factory (Tickets go on sale Saturday 3/5 at 10am at all Ticketmaster outlets, charge-by-phone at 215-336-2000 and online)

We’ll see you on Saturday. You guys rock!!!

Save Y100 Rally This Saturday