Sloan To Release Greatest Hits

When a band releases a greatest hits compilation and begins to reissue older albums, a slight bit of doubt about their future is hard to ignore. Sloan squashed any rumors of a breakup when speaking with MTV. Frontman Chris Murphy said: “I'm always nervous to put out a greatest-hit [disc]. It looks [to those on the outside] that we don't have any more songs. I have tons of songs.”

After nearly fifteen years as a band, the Canadian quartet is releasing A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005 on May 10. The reasoning behind this release is really to rally their fans to get excited for their next new album. Even the compilation will include a couple of new songs, including “All Used Up” and “Try To Make It”. A bonus disc will be in the form of a DVD, containing every Sloan video, a documentary and some live performances.

Sloan fans can also look forward to the re-release of their earlier records, including Smeared, Twice Removed, One Chord To Another, Navy Blues, Between The Bridges and Pretty Together via Koch Entertainment. Each disc will include b-sides and demos. These will begin to hit the stores in late summer.

A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005
01. “Underwhelmed”
02. “500 Up”
03. “Coax Me”
04. “People Of The Sky”
05. “The Good In Everyone”
06. “Everything You’ve Done Wrong”
07. “The Lines You Amend”
08. “Money City Maniacs”
09. “She Says What She Means”
10. “Losing California”
11. “Friendship”
12. “If It Feels Good Do It”
13. “The Other Man”
14. “The Rest Of My Life”
15. “All Used Up”
16. “Try To Make It”

Sloan To Release Greatest Hits