Live - The Vacation Spews Beer All Over NYC

Most of the bands to seep out of Los Angeles that I have heard lately are great, sunny pop groups. Yet somewhere deep inside Hollywood, somebody called upon the devil to spawn a dirty, beer spewing rock band to conquer the world. Their wish was granted and the result is The Vacation. This band falls under one category: rock & roll.

Something happens to this band when they perform. When they are off the stage, they are friendly, nice fellows. That all changes the very second that they plug into their amps. Some chemical reaction must happen deep within their bodies, and frontman Ben Tegel becomes possessed by a spitting, Mick Jagger posturing madman. The band’s set was fast paced, filled with their dirty, catchy rock songs. In the vein of bands like the Datsuns, there is a perfect balance of memorable pop embedded in their brand of rock.

One thing about Ben Tegel is that he leaves a path of destruction behind after his shows. Microphones are thrown, mic stands are knocked over, beer bottles and their contents are littered on the floor all in the name of rock. This man puts 100% of himself into the show. As for the music, their influences seem to range from the Stones to AC/DC. “White Noise” and “Spiders” are just screaming for radio airplay with catchy hooks and huge guitar riffs. A personal favorite was “Destitute Prostitutes”, which happens to be one of the most amusing song titles I have heard in a while.

The Vacation walks the walk and talks the talk. With the technical skills and showmanship as seen during “I’m No Good”, this band has the potential to go all the way. Groupies? Arena tours? Televisions thrown out of hotel windows? Anything is possible when rock is in your blood.

Live - The Vacation Spews Beer All Over NYC