Constant Lover EP

I could, quite frankly, use a break from boys who wear eyeliner and whimper through songs. Where to turn for my good drunken times dude rock? All of a sudden it seems the best place to satiate my desire for some sleazy, fun and interesting rock is from chick-fronted bands. Instead of BRMC we have The Kills, The Duke Spirit is kicking Libertine ass, the lead chick from Controller.Controller could definitely beat up the post-ska Bravery singer, and while The Strokes are taking their time finishing up their next record we’ve got Magneta Lane. The Constant Lover EP, released through Paper Bag Records, is twenty minutes of femme blasted rock that leads from the crotch and kicks your ass while making you want to dance.

Lead track, “Constant Lover” is about exactly what it sounds like, a girl who never falls in love but is always getting some love, wink wink. The refrain consists of slurred “ooohs” and there is actually a line, “she loved/ he came/ he’ll come back again.” The guide through the world of Constant Lover is the liquor soaked voice of Lexi. If Julian Casablancas was a girl, Nancy Sinatra was fronting a rock band or Nico was less German and took fewer hallucinogenics, you’d be close to Lexi’s cocky delivery. Nadia on drums and French on bass are the backbone to Magneta Lane’s undeniable ability to make you shake your ass. On “Their Party Days,” (“I’m looking at you looking at me/ We don’t need your fucking party days”) the ladies confirm the sneaking suspicion that has been building throughout the EP. As your bobbing your head at your desk with your headphones on you realize it’s true. You want to party with them. You want to be smack in the middle of those fuzzy guitars, insistent bass lines and propelling drums and have Lexi singing to you about how “kissing is easy.” They’ll knock you around, but you’ll thank them for it and after they’ve hit you with the six tracks on the EP, you’ll hit play and get ready to be roughed up again.

Magneta Lane
Paper Bag

Constant Lover EP