Wilco Give Away New EP

Did you buy a copy of Wilco's Grammy-winning album, A Ghost Is Born? If so, then you can access a five-track "enhanced content" free download from the band. Just click here, insert your copy of A Ghost Is Born into your CD drive, launch the file called intro.mov, click on the cover image and you're set. It's a nice gesture really and just another reason why Wilco's fans are so devoted. You see, the band is re-releasing A Ghost Is Born in Europe with a five-track bonus disc in conjunction with their tour there this month. So rather than making their US fans fork over more dough to pick up the bonus disc songs, they are simply giving them away. If you happened to somehow come across A Ghost Is Born without actually paying for the CD (we're not judging), you can purchase all five tracks on iTunes.

Track Listing:

"At Least That's What You Said" (live)
"The Late Greats" (live)
"Handshake Drugs" (live)
"Kicking Television"

The live tracks were recorded at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI, in October of 2004.

Wilco Give Away New EP