Use Your Cell Phone To Name That Tune

Don’t you hate it when you are at a club, venue, bar, or party and someone plays a song that is totally kick-ass and you have no idea what it is? Wouldn’t it be awesome to simply hold up your cell phone to the speaker and immediately get the name of the artist and a link to buy the song and/or album? Of course, this never happens to any of us, I mean pretty much we have our fingers on the pulse of all that is cool but …cough…you might know someone that could use the following service.

SongLink’d will do just this and debuts on Monday. MTV News reports that this is not the first U.S. company to offer this type of service. Berkeley, California-based Gracenote offers a similar one called Mobile Music ID in Asia and Europe and is prepping a U.S. launch this year, according to a spokesperson SongLink'd is the first to offer it across all major cell carriers, according to CEO Sunjay Guleria. The carriers that have inked with the company include AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Verizon, Nextel, Boost, T-Mobile and Sprint. Gileria went on to say, "The idea of being able to identify songs on your mobile phone has been around for a few years but with text messaging becoming more standard and the emergence of the iPod culture and the popularity of ringtones, now's the time. We're the first company to put it all together so that when a friend tells you about it, it doesn't matter what carrier you use, you can use our product."

The service sounds easy to use. Dial a toll free number, hold up you phone for 15 seconds, and a few seconds later you will get a text message with the song title, artist name, sample of the song, and the option to buy it. All for a mere 99 cents per search and a catalog of 2.5 million songs you can’t go wrong. If you do and the song is not in the database you will not be charged.

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Use Your Cell Phone To Name That Tune