Yo La Tengo Tours

It has been a while since we have heard from Matador darlings Yo La Tengo. While we are waiting for a new proper album to come out news of a few live dates have appeared. The band will be at WFMU’s fundraising broadcast next week and a select number of other dates. (Including being the live accompaniment to the science films of Jean Painleve.) In addition to the live dates Matador is issuing a cd set of Yo La Tengo’s past on March 22 called Prisoners Of Love: A Smattering Of Scintillating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003. It will be available as either a three-disc collection or two-disc set.

Yo La Tengo Tour Dates
03.15.05 WFMU fundraising marathon
03.29.05 New York, NY (Tonic benefit; two shows)
04.21.05 Chicago, IL (Vic Theatre)
04.23.05 St. Louis, MO (Webster University, The Sounds of Science; two shows)
05.15.05 Bethlehem, PA (River Fusion, Sand Island)
05.18.05 New York, NY (Rose Theater, Lincoln Center The Sounds of Science)
05.27.05 Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya Club Quattro)
05.28.05 Tokyo, Japan (Laforet Museum, The Sounds of Science)
05.29.05 Osaka, Japan (Club Quattro)
07.09.05 North Adams, MA (MassMOCA, The Sounds of Science)

Prisoners Of Love: A Smattering Of Scintillating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003
Disc One
01 “Shaker”
02 “Sugarcube”
03 “Barnaby, Hardly Working”
04 “Little Eyes”
05 “Stockholm Syndrome”
06 “Our Way to Fall”
07 “From a Motel 6”
08 “Swing for Life”
09 “Tom Courtenay”
10 “Lewis”
11 “I Heard You Looking”
12 “You Can Have It All”
13 “Did I Tell You”

Disc Two
01 “The River of Water”
02 “Autumn Sweater”
03 “Big Day Coming”
04 “Pablo and Andrea”
05 “Drug Test”
06 “Season of the Shark”
07 “Upside-Down”
08 “The Summer”
09 “Tears Are in Your Eyes”
10 “Blue Line Swinger”
11 “The Story of Jazz”
12 “Nuclear War (version 1)”
13 “By the Time It Gets Dark”

Disc Three (available only with limited-edition set)
01 “Stay Away From Heaven”
02 “Pencil Test”
03 “Almost True”
04 “Tom Courtenay (acoustic)”
05 “Big Day Coming (demo)”
06 “Dreaming”
07 “Bad Politics”
08 “Blue-Green Arrow”
09 “Decora (acoustic)”
10 “Out the Window (original version)”
11 “Weather Shy”
12 “Dreams”
13 “Autumn Sweater (remixed by Kevin Shields)”
14 “Ashes on the Ground”
15 “Mr. Ameche Plays the Stranger”
16 “Magnet”

Yo La Tengo Tours