Ian Brown Show Ends With Arrest

Hey Nat Hays, what is up with the West Coast? Our man Ian Brown hangs with us here is NYC, does a tremendous show at Webster Hall and everything is cool. He heads to your coast and sh*t goes all haywire. Apparently Ian has been arrested in San Francisco after an onstage melee with a member of the audience, NME.com has reveal. Not a good thing for a guy who has already done jail time in the UK for an incident aboard a jetliner.

Here's what we know. Ian was playing at the Great American Music Hall in SF. According to fans at the show, Brown was complaining about the sound quality at the venue, and after three songs got so upset he stopped the song. For those who were at the NYC show, you know there was a lot of sound problems there, too. At one point during the sound problems in NYC, Ian put his microphone directly up to his monitors to prove to the soundman he was not getting any sound out of them. Had they been working, some serious feedback would have filled the room. The point being, for a guy who is known for not having the best innate vocal skills, any help is appreciated. To sing without hearing yourself is certain death onstage.

So as this is going down, a fan claimed: “This guy in a white top jumps onto the stage from the crowd, rugby tackles Ian Brown to the floor. Everything stops and the band members run to the aid of their leader.” A witness continued: “So this is where we think, ‘Well that’s the show over, $30 wasted’. Then Ian Brown and co come back on the stage after 15 minutes. The show went on. Even though the sound was poor there was no other fights, Ian stopped the band a couple of times during ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ because of the sound and feedback. Then they were gone.” Same thing happened in NYC. No encores, leave them wanting more.

But it doesn't end there. After the show Ian was arrested at his hotel and taken for questioning. However, at the time of going to press no charges had been brought against the singer.

Someone start printing the "Free Ian" t-shirts, I want one!

Ian Brown Show Ends With Arrest