Graham Coxon Begins Work On Next Album

Graham Coxon is showing signs of becoming a workaholic. After releasing his album Happiness In Magazines earlier this year, he is already working on its follow-up. The former Blur guitarist told Billboard: “The emotion is a lot more edgier. It's about the dreaded L-O-V-E from all sides; from the lustier sort of viewpoints to jealous viewpoints and to downright sentimentality."

As for the sound of the new songs, Coxon said they are half fast and furious while half are "really mellow and melancholy." Sounds like bipolar rock at its finest. Stephen Street will be taking producer duties for this new album as he did for Coxon’s last record as well.

The Britpop legend performed “I Can’t Think Of Your Skin” during his acoustic performance at the Levi’s/FADER Trading Post at SXSW. I can tell you that his music keeps getting better and better. The man is a damn genius!

So what does an artist of Coxon’s stature do during the summer? He replied: "I'd like to do some festivals, but mainly rest. Take some time off, do some artwork for the next album. And decorate the bathroom." Perhaps he has been taking home improvement notes from Trading Spaces. I bet he has a sweet-ass toilet seat cover.

Graham Coxon Begins Work On Next Album