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White Stripes Complete New Album In Ten Days

The poster children for recording efficiency, the White Stripes, have completed their follow-up to Elephant. In less than two weeks Jack and Meg White blasted through new tunes, averaging one song per day. According to NME, the recording of the untitled album was done in ten days at London’s Toe Rag studios.

A friend of Jack White’s said: “They only started about a week and a half ago and they were aiming to finish the recording on Friday (March 18). There’s still things to do though, like mixing and mastering. They’re working at their usual pace, but to finish an album in this time is impressive nonetheless.”

Rumor has it that the new album, just like those before it, was recorded on analog equipment, which comes as no surprise. No other details have been released as of yet, but fans are hoping to see the new album in time for Glastonbury.

White Stripes Complete New Album In Ten Days