KWOD v2.0 Launches In Sacramento

KWOD, an institution for alternative music fans in Sacramento, has become KWOD v2.0, "Alternative For Adults". A sales sheet from the station had some interesting bullet points explaining exactly what to expect from this new format. Here they are.

1. A much broader interpretation of Alternative music, with a music library that has been expanded dramatically. KWOD v2.0 is going to play a lot of stuff from a lot of different bands... a place where you will hear everything from U2 to Moby, from Nirvana to Chris Issak, from Dave Matthews Band to Franz Ferdinand, from Green Day to Bob Marley. We'll be playing a lot of stuff you don't hear on the radio, and certainly wouldn't hear on the same radio station.

2. An older core programming demographic, targeted to 23-40 year-old Gen X adults, with a median age of 29.

3. A presentation with more mature sensibilities from an entirely new air staff. They will be deeply connected with the music, and will be responsible for what they play. No more "zany" stunts by DJs in chicken suits.

4. A reduced commercial load and shorter spot breaks. 10 minutes an hour. No commercial break will be longer than 3.5 minutes.

So there's a little taste of what to expect from the new KWOD v2.0. Dave Matthews and Chris Issak to go along with your Franz Ferdinand. All specialty shows are also on hiatus as well. To the departed air staff of KWOD v1.0, we wish you the best of luck.

KWOD v2.0 Launches In Sacramento