Babyshambles Recording Debut Album

It is hard to believe that Pete Doherty has been able to find time for recording with Babyshambles. In between stalking Kate Moss, spending time in jail and smoking crack, Doherty did began to work on the group’s debut album. According to XFM, they took up residence in the Twin Peaks recording studio in Wales with ex-Clash man Mick Jones and Sex Pistols’ producer Bill Price behind the controls.

In a statement released by Babyshambles’ representatives, the recording process has gone smoothly with twelve songs already completed. They also said that “everyone's in high spirits”, which you may interpret however you want. The previously unrecorded song ‘Fuck Forever” is rumored to include very special guest vocals. Hmm… I wonder who that could be? So far the songs completed include:

“Gang Of Gin”
“Black Boy Lane”
“A Rebours”
“Do You Know Me”
“32nd Of December”
“My Darling Clementine”
“Fuck Forever”
“In Love With A Feeling”
“8 Dead Boys”
“Sticks And Stones”

Babyshambles Recording Debut Album