Details On Frank Black Album Surface

“Comeback! Comeback! Comeback!” You can see the fans and hear them cheering at the reunited Pixies shows from last year. If you were one of those fans that was all twisted inside out at the thought of this icon band coming back then brace yourself. XFM announced today the details that Pixies’ front man Frank Black is set to release his first solo album since 1996’s The Cult Of The Ray. The album was recorded last April before the reunion tour.

Titled Honeycomb, the new LP was produced by Jon Tiven (BB King, Robert Plant). Tiven also working on 1994’s Headache EP. A host of guest musicians on the new album include Steve Cropper, Buddy Miller, Reggie Young, Chester Thompson, Anton Fig, Billy Block, Akil Thompson, David Hood, and Spooner Oldham among others.

According to XM, Frank Black said: "It was wonderful to have these incredible musicians poking fun at my non-Nashville chord progressions, and then give me a wink after a take to let me know that they approved and enjoyed it. I was so lucky to have them playing on this album. his was the only time that I have ever been in a studio and had the strange feeling that I was witnessing something spiritual. When we were recording, those guys didn't even look at each other, they closed their eyes and they meant it. I have never recorded with people who meant what they played so much. I can say without a doubt that the Honeycomb session was the most moving and mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had in my musical career. Steve Cropper co-wrote the first rock ‘n’ roll song that I ever sang in front of an audience 'In The Midnight Hour'. It was a pure pleasure to come full circle with Mr. Cropper."

Honeycomb will be released on Cooking Vinyl July 18 in the UK.

Details On Frank Black Album Surface