Isobel Campbell Hard At Work On 300 Different Projects

Isobel Campbell will be stepping out from under the shadow of her former band in a big way this year. The former Belle & Sebastian singer and cellist has a number of new projects in the works. The first on the agenda is a new album with ex-Screaming Trees/current Queens Of The Stone Age vocalist Mark Lanegan. The two initially got together in 2004 when they recorded the song "Why Does My Head Hurt So?" for Campbell's Time Is Just The Same EP. The pair clicked so well that they decided to record an entire full length together. Called Ballad Of The Broken Seas, the album was written, arranged and produced by Campbell in Glasgow, while Lanegan recorded his vocals in LA. The finishing touches are being put on the album, though a label for this release has yet to be confirmed.

In addition to her work with Lanegan, Campbell has also been working on a second, more folk oriented solo album. Called Over The Wheat And The Barely, Campbell's manager Jason Reynolds has revealed that it will include guest appearances from former Smashing Pumpkins axeman James Iha and Glasgow stalwart Jim McCulloch.

If that wasn't enough for you, she's also in the process of recording an EP with former Vaselines and Eugenius mainman, Eugene Kelly, AND another project with French DJ and electronic artist Kid Loco.

When release dates for all of these projects are confirmed, rest assured we'll let you know.

Isobel Campbell Hard At Work On 300 Different Projects