Little Barrie is a band that is good for your soul. The London trio mixes together blues and a touch of soul and yet maintains their indie cred. Their infectious grooves will get your toes tapping, your hips swaying and perhaps your headboard bumping. Frontman Barrie Cadogan's guitar skills have caught the ear of Morrissey, and in fact subbed out for Alain Whyte during Moz's Summer 2004 tour when he took ill. Little Barrie's new EP is a low-frills adventure into music that owes just as much to the White Stripes as it does to James Brown. Recorded with Edwyn Collins in his London studio, the songs are stripped down to their rootsy core to show the brilliant musicianship of this group. The EP kicks off with "Burned Out", featuring the soulful vocals of Cadogan backed by drummer Wayne Fullwood on the chorus. Little Barrie is one of the few bands to take such specific influences and use that to create an innovative sound. The perfect record to kick off springtime, this is the feel good music that we have been waiting for all winter. The snow is going away, the sun is finally back, and this band will provide the soundtrack. Fans of Beck, Gomez and even Bob Dylan will find Little Barrie completely irresistible. Consider this EP a snack to wet your appetite for the US release of their full-length album later on this year.

Little Barrie
Artemis Records