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March 30, 2005

We went and saw Melinda & Melinda last night, and although it's a blessing that Woody Allen's off heists and back on relationships, our boy has come down with a bad case of Tom Wolfe Syndrome.

There was a time when Wolfe knew exactly what to extrapolate from the minutia of a subject's clothes and Woody knew exactly which character should belong to a squash club, but now all the signifiers are askew. In Melinda, all the wrong things are implied by the Bentley and the music and the apartments and the restaurants (who would have thought that even New York would eventually elude Allen?), so the more we learn about the characters, the more implausible they become. Plus Amanda Peet's character says "Frankly, Hobie..." to Will Ferrell's character so often that you end up assuming Ferrell's still playing Frank The Tank. Which is funny, but ultimately not awesome