Mark Gardener, Formerly Of Ride, To Play NYC

This Sunday, April 3, Mark Gardener, former singer/guitarist with massively influential shoegazers Ride, will be playing at Bar 13, 35 E 13th St, New York with Robin and Joe from Goldrush. Judging from his last dates in NYC, the addition of Joe and Robin can only mean one thing, not only will there be Mark solo material but plenty of Ride classics, as well. Say what you will about Mark's solo stuff and his work with former band Animalhouse, Ride is the balls. If you know your Nowhere from your Going Blank Again, look at me and say yes. Hearing Mark and crew crank out "Vapour Trail" [yes I spelled it the British way] and "Leave Them All Behind" is your chance to hear sonic perfection, even if it is stripped down from when the full band would blow your mind back in their early '90s heyday. I could go on for hours about the heft and swath that Ride musically continues to hold to this day. The sound, the haircuts, the layers of ethereal bliss. And they were 18 years old! They laugh at the current stable of chancers out there prancing for the NME and chubby bloggers.

Sure, the flowing locks are gone, replaced with a crew style cut minimizing the years of balding. But hear me know, Mark Gardener is to not be missed. Reports are he is currently in New York working with producer Bill Racine on the final mixes for his solo debut and has been talking to labels in both the US and the UK about a fall '05 release. Check his website for more info.

Some other dates are:

04.16.05 - Poplife at I/O, 30 NE 14th St, Miami [solo show]
04.26.05 - Sonic Cathedral at The Legion, 348 Old Street, London [acoustic set with Goldrush]

Mark Gardener, Formerly Of Ride, To Play NYC