Snow Patrol Announces New Bass Player

Have you been concerned about who Snow Patrol would pick as their new bass player? You may still be in tears over the departure of founding member Mark McLelland, but his replacement has been found. I know the entire music community has been on pins and needles waiting for the band to reveal his identity, which was just released on the band’s official website. Are you as excited as I am? Can you tell that this story has been slathered in sarcasm? And the winning musician’s name is…. Paul Wilson!!

The statement on reads: “There has been much speculation about who will be joining us on the bass. Just like to say that for the most part you've all been right. Paul Wilson (formerly of Terra Diablo) has joined the Patrol on bass. He is a multi-instrumentalist and will be a magnificent addition to the band and he's already been heavily involved in the new songs.”

”Paul's first gig will be tomorrow night (1-4-2005) in Dingle, Co Kerry (where we have been living and working for the last two months). The reason we did not tell you about this show is because it is to raise money for some local charities. The people have been great to us down here and we wanted to have a big party with them all as a send off and the tickets all sold out in a blink. It also gives us a wee chance to play live with Paul before the US tour in April/May.”

And there was much rejoicing…

Snow Patrol Announces New Bass Player