David Byrne Radio Online

Leave it to the old school to try and bring back "radio". None other than David Byrne has thrown his hat into the broadcasting ring. Kind of makes sense seeing that he has always been relevant and somewhat avant-garde his whole career. And with bands like the Arcade Fire popping up with Byrne and his Talking Heads as obvious reference points, the kids seem to enjoy re-living the past, too. If this Byrne/Heads lovefest gathers any more steam, look for a Bravery cover of "Psycho Killer" any day now.

Here is a quote off his site relating to his new radio stream:

"Like many people, I listen to a wide variety of music, and some of it is, ahem, more appropriate at certain times of day than others. We here are not responsible for adverse effects from playing the wrong music at the wrong time. Hope some of this is enjoyable."

You can find all the magic here. Pretty cool collection of bands and look who is number one on his playlist.

David Byrne Radio Online