Live - The Snake The Cross The Crown In NYC

When I walked into the Mercury Lounge last night, I was a bit concerned about writing a review on The Snake The Cross The Crown. I knew very little about this band as I had only heard a handful of tracks several months ago and truly didn’t know what to expect. I was told that their live shows are intense and stunningly powerful. Yours truly took those words with a grain of salt. Well, those words were 100% accurate in their description of this genre-bending group. They are parts pop, prog, rock and even a bit twangy at times.

Prior to their first song, the band announced how thankful they were that their equipment still worked, as their trailer had fallen off its hitch twice during their journey to NYC. Following the mantra of “the show must go on”, the quintet put every ounce of themselves into their set. You can tell that this band truly believes in their music, and that emotion catapults their songs to a whole new level.

Fronted by Kevin Jones, the entire cast of The Snake The Cross The Crown showed nothing but talent and passion during their thirty-five minute set. On stage, songs such as “Empires” and “The Sun Tells The Moon” overflow with emotion, combining bits of alt-country which crescendo into huge, guitar drenched indie-rock choruses. The highlight of the set was their closer, “On The Threshold Of Eternity”. The song starts as what could be an Old 97’s acoustic track, which builds into an epic rock ending that fans of Sunny Day Real Estate would appreciate. The entire band belting out the repeated chorus, guitarist Franlkin Sammons rocked a snare duet with drummer Mark Fate, leaving the entire crowd in awe.

It is always a pleasure to see a band pushing the limits of the alternative-rock genre. TSTCTC have taken elements from various musical sources to create their own unique voice. Their latest album Mander Salis (Equal Vision Records) is very good, but you need to see these guys in person to truly experience what they are about. Emotion and talent this powerful can’t be contained on tape.

Live - The Snake The Cross The Crown In NYC