Preview Maximo Park, Win Tickets To Reading

Things keep getting better for Newcastle group Maximo Park. You have heard us singing their praises for a while, from the domestic EP to their shows at SXSW. Now not only are they playing Radio 1’s Big Weekend, but their newest UK single, “Graffiti”, is playlisted on Europe’s MTV2. They are listed alongside the likes of Interpol, Arcade Fire, and Kings of Leon. Hopefully this is a taste of what to come when their new album, A Certain Trigger hits the states in May. Word on the street is that if you preorder their single of “Graffiti” online then you will get a chance to win tickets to Reading Festival. So if you are like me and can’t wait for more Maximo Park, then head on over to their official site for more information. If you sign up for their mailing list then you can preview the album track by track with a new song up every week until the release date. Not too shabby!

Maximo Park official site
Vote for Maximo Park on Europe’s MTV
Listen to first two tracks on A Certain Trigger
Order "Graffiti" and enter to win Reading tickets

Preview Maximo Park, Win Tickets To Reading