British Sea Power To Perform At Sea... Seriously

Of all the bands to perform at a unique spot out in the sea, it seems fitting that British Sea Power has decided to do so. The group has planned to play on a disused oil rig in the English Channel this summer, in an area known as the Principality Of Sealand. Sound too bizarre to be true? Not according to NME.

Frontman Yan explained: “It’s a great place, this father and son live there and there’s been little battles on there before where they’ve had to fight off drug smugglers who’ve tried to take it over. We’ve always wanted to play there, but it’s quite expensive.”

“The Monster Raving Loony Party got in touch with us and asked if we wanted to do something silly, so we thought ‘yes’. They’ve said they’ll pay for us to play Sealand. We’ll probably write some theme music for them in exchange”, he added.

British Sea Power is heading to North America in late April to support their latest brilliant record Open Season. The tour kicks off on April 27th in Seattle. Click over to their official site for more dates.

British Sea Power To Perform At Sea... Seriously