Diamond Nights Bring The Party Rock To A Venue Near You

Diamond Nights have just announced a slew of tour dates following the release of their new EP Once We Were Diamonds, out May 10th on Kemado. Diamond Nights record the kind of music that makes you thirst and sweat for an opportunity to witness it live. The music screams to be coupled with sleeveless tees, metal choreography, dirt, exasperated female cries and sweet haircuts. At this point, I’d like to throw in Vice’s review of this awesome band, because it’s so right on. “ It’s Thin Lizzy all sexed up with some Ric Ocasek silk on top… if you don’t agree that this shit rules, you’re a crazy person.” Don’t be a crazy person. You can find the Diamond Nights rocking the following cities on the following nights:

05.10.05 - New York, NY (Mercury Lounge, Record Release Party)   
05.12.05 - Boulder, CO (AIMS retail convention)   
05.26.05 - Baltimore, MD (Iota)   
05.27.05 - Philadelphia, PA (The Kyber)   
05.28.05 - Boston, MA (Middle East upstairs)   
06.01.05 - Providence, RI (Met Café)   
06.02.05 - Hoboken, NJ (Maxwell's)   
06.03.05 - Albany, NY (Valentines)   
06.04.05 - Rochester, NY (Penny Arcade)   
06.08.05 - UK     
06.09.05 - UK     
06.10.05 - UK     
06.11.05 - UK (Download Festival w/ Black Sabbath)   
06.23.05 - Detroit, MI (Lager House)   
06.24.05 - Chicago, IL (Schubas)   
06.25.05 - Lawrence, KS (Bottleneck)   
06.27.05 - Salt Lake City, UT (Lo Fi Café)   
06.29.05 - San Diego, CA (Casbah)
07.01.05 - Los Angeles, CA (Echo Lounge)   
07.02.05 - San Francsico, CA (Cafe Du Nord)   
07.03.05 - Fresno, CA (Fresno State)   
07.05.05 - Los Angeles, CA (Cinespace)   
07.06.05 - San Diego, CA (Casbah)   
07.08.05 - San Francisco, CA (Cafe Du Nord)   
07.09.05 - Los Angeles, CA (Echo Lounge)   
07.10.05 - Fresno, CA (Fresno State)   
07.12.05 - Los Angeles, CA (Cinespace)   
07.13.05 - San Diego, CA (Casbah)   
07.15.05 - San Francisco, CA (Cafe Du Nord)   
07.17.05 - Portland, OR (Satyricon)   
07.18.05 - Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)   
07.20.05 - Salt Lake City, UT (Lo Fi Café)   
07.21.05 - Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge)   
07.23.05 - Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge)   
07.25.05 - New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)  

Source: Cara Heller

Diamond Nights Bring The Party Rock To A Venue Near You