Live - Beck's "Secret" Show Captivates New York

I love seeing four to five shows a week in this city but I can see how it makes some people in the NYC crowds a bit jaded after a while. There was none of that Friday night at Hiro where a line of crazed fans and industry folks alike, all trying to find a way into the Japanese ballroom underneath the Maritime Hotel, extended well around the block. The thing is, with an artist like Beck who just oozes creativity, you know you're going to get nothing less than a good time and a totally awesome show.

Add to it all the excitement around his new amazing record, Guero and people were freaking out. He played a range of songs, old and new including, "Black Tambourine", "Devil's Haircut", "Southern Girl", "Nicotine & Gravy", "Where It's At", "E-Pro", and "Get Real Paid". He even played some super new songs off his new, yes NEW upcoming record. The only thing I can confirm is that one song is called, "We Dance Alone" and that it was incredible.

The new band he put together after he finished the record solo style is a great addition. They fit perfectly in Beck world but the dude with the sweatband playing all the random instruments and dancing was definitely a highlight for his live show.

It's amazing that an artist who's been making music for so long can continue blow my mind, especially at a little Japanese bar.

Source: Nina Isabella

Live - Beck's "Secret" Show Captivates New York