Nine Black Alps Album Details

Buzz band Nine Black Alps have wrapped up their debut full-length album titled Everything Is. The Mancunian group recorded the album in Los Angeles with uber-producer Rob Schnapf, known for his work with the Foo Fighters, Beck, Elliott Smith and The Vines. Look for the record to hit stores in the UK on June 6th.

NME caught up with frontman Sam Forrest to chat about the recording sessions. He said: “The sessions were quite stressful actually. It went on quite long, it took three and a half months, which seemed a long time to us, but maybe that’s normal. It’s a bit of weird process, you can listen to a song too many times I think while you’re doing it.”

The tracklisting for Everything Is has been announced, and is listed below.

01. “Get Your Guns”
02. “Cosmopolitan”
03. “Not Everyone”
04. “Unsatisfied”
05. “Headlights”
06. “Behind Your Eyes”
07. “Ironside”
08. “Shot Down”
09. “Just Friends”
10. “Everybody Is”
11. “Intermission”
12. “Southern Cross”

Nine Black Alps Album Details