Brooklyn Bands/Northsix Team Up For Sudan Benefit

On April 26, local Brooklyn bands The Fatales, Kevin Devine and Jeffrey Lewis will be getting their social/political activism on in the form of a benefit concert. Proceeds from the event will go to the Save Darfur Coalition and International Rescue Committee, two of the primary organizations spreading awareness and providing relief for the genocide happening in the Sudan. The purpose of the concert, according to The Fatales, "is to bring heightened awareness to a crisis that remains relatively dormant in the public mind."

On a personal note, a few months ago while watching Paula Zahn Now on CNN, a young woman from this region, probably in her late 20s, was given the opportunity to come on the show to give a first hand account of the horrific conditions in Darfur and to plead her case for international assistance. She was so passionate and moving that it nearly drove me (and Paula) to tears.

The situation in the Sudan is real. Overy 200,000 people have been killed and the over 2 million who were forced to flee the Darfur region are in desperate need of aid. Since seeing Paula Zahn's show, I've barely heard a peep about this crisis in the main stream media and as of now, the US Government has refused to intervene.

Some say that bands should stick to playing music, but I applaud these artists for doing what they know best in an effort to make a positive contribution to society.

So go to this show. Tickets are only 10 bucks. It's for a great cause and you'll get to hear some great music.

Tuesday, April 26 @ Northsix in Brooklyn - Doors @ 8, show @ 9

Brooklyn Bands/Northsix Team Up For Sudan Benefit