The Source Magazine For Sale On eBay?

That's right kids. Ever want to own your own hip hop magazine? Perhaps you've been longing to start a rap feud or two? "Fitty Cent rules! The Game is a sucka!" You know... shit like that. Well if so, your prayers have been answered. The Source Magazine is now for sale on eBay. Currently (12:45 ET), the bidding price is only $150, but there are still four days left on the auction, so it might even get up 200 bucks or so before all is said and done.

In all honesty, we're not sure if this is a gag. If you read the "description", it seems that way, but regardless, this is pretty funny. Read the description below.

eBay item description:
The Source Magazine is for sale. This legendary hip-hop magazine has fallen off and investors are hard to find, so the time is now to become the new owner of The Source. With this purchase you can dazzle all your hip-hop loving friends by taking control of this once pivotal information "Source" for the hip-hop culture. The Source Magazine comes complete with shameless plugs of the co-owner's rap groups and record labels. It is even equipped with tabloid articles about label executives who would not sign the co-owner's artists. THE SOURCE MAGAZINE CAN BE YOURS NOW !!!!!! This purchase comes complete with loads of crappy back issues that nobody in their right mind would wanna buy.

If you want to try your luck, click here to check out the auction page.

The Source Magazine For Sale On eBay?