George Lucas Stops By The O.C.

As if Death Cab's small screen debut wasn't cool enough, this season of The O.C. has yet another trick up its sleeve. In a ploy to grow their fan base beyond just the "cool kids" (and middle aged moms trying to stay hip so they don't feel so old), The O.C. has written filmmaking genius George Lucas into the script. On May 12, the high school chess teams, a/v clubs and color guards (a.k.a. the girls who weren't cute enough to be cheerleaders) of the world will have their prayers answered when Lucas will guest star as himself.

According to MTV News, in the episode Summer makes Zach and Seth decide which one of them gets to take her to Harbor High's prom. Like... oh my god, that tramp has some nerve. Totally, right? However, she'll be taught a lesson when Lucas expresses interest in Seth's graphic novel and he's forced to choose between taking her to the prom and dinner with a filmmaking mastermind. Hmmm... hard decision.

Star Wars fans, you'll be happy to know that while Lucas does not plan to make any more Star Wars movies, the franchise will not die completely. He's currently working on a number of projects, including a live-action TV series and a half-hour, 3-D animated series.

The live-action show will likely not focus on any of the main characters from the films, but the animated series will feature Yoda, Obi-Wan and other Jedi as they fight the Army Of The Republic in the Clone Wars. The show will be based on a series of animated shorts that first aired on the Cartoon Network. I actually caught a few of those episodes and they were awesome (think Samurai Jack meets Star Wars dudes).

Yes, I'm a Star Wars geek. So sue me.

George Lucas Stops By The O.C.