Live - Stars Set The Bowery On Fire

French Canadians are an interesting and funny breed, but you can hardly say they leave you disappointed or unamused. They can bark like a chihuahua shamelessly, wear turquoise pants and scarves around their necks and play the key-tar, seriously. But they definitely have fun, put on a show and refuse to let any member of the audience be bored. Can they get away with all of this? Of course, they're Canadian!

I'm a fairly new fan of Stars but I was definitely outnumbered by people who have been fans for years and sang out every word. The guy next to me saw a show of theirs here in NYC four years ago when there were only seven people there. Needless to say, the Bowery was sold out last night and their audience has grown significantly over the past year, gushing through it all.

Onto the show... Their voices were top notch, flawless with beautiful melodies intertwining between lead singer Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan. They write amazing, gorgeous songs and pour their heart and soul into each. Then they deliver live as if each were a present for the audience to walk away with something memorable. They were so happy to perform, each bouncing around the stage throughout the set. The audience ate it up, swayed, bounced and smiled. It was one of those perfect nights of music at the Bowery.

They have a few more shows stateside and then they're off to Japan to play a few dates with Broken Social Scene and The Dears. We all hope they come back soon, make us joyously smile and prove once again that some Canadians can set us on fire.

Source: Nina Isabella

Live - Stars Set The Bowery On Fire