Maximo Park Offers Reward For Lost Bag

Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith seems to have lost some items very dear to his heart. Smith misplaced his bag, which contains many personal and irreplaceable items at a gig earlier this week. According to XFM, the contents of the white linen bag includes his red book with contains his life’s work (poetry, song lyrics and other writings), photos, drawings, his wallet and keys.

His management released the following statement: “Dear all, this is a personal appeal on behalf of Paul Smith, singer of Maximo Park. On 25th April, after the Maximo Park gig at Northumbria University, Paul misplaced his bag containing several items of personal significance - the most devastating loss being his Red Book, containing song lyrics to the A Certain Trigger album, poetry, and various other writings representing his life's work.”

“We're desperate to get this bag and its contents back, so we're appealing for your help, especially those of you near the Cooperage along the quayside in Newcastle, where the bag was last seen.”

For our UK readers, if you happen to have any information regarding this lost bag, contact the band’s management by clicking here. There is a reward for any leads to there whereabouts of the bag, including “tickets to any Maximo Park show you want plus a huge hug from Paul.” Awww, snuggle time with Paul...

Maximo Park Offers Reward For Lost Bag