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Set It Off

April 27, 2005

We're getting used to enjoyable Roc press evenings around these parts, but last night's Young Gunz listening party at Sony Studios was one of the best yet.

Henny was in our cups, and Philly was most definitely in the building. We talked to State Prop superproducer Chad "Wes" Hamilton for a little bit (mostly to gripe about how his ill "Sick Of Waiting" beat didn't make the final cut), and he made sure to let us know which songs off Brothers From Another he was responsible for (which turned out to be almost all of them). Freeway was in the house as well, walking straight up to the booth on arrival to put on his just-recorded single - another Chad Wes-helmed detonation.

Bleek (wearing two Roc chains on top of one another - where's the third?) and S Dot Carter himself upped the starpower some more, but there was no denying the night belonged to Chris and Neef, who made sure to shout "ain't no sophmore slump!" before rapping along to each of their new tracks, beaming proudly the entire time.

Lead single "Set It Off" is doing exactly that (with a video from Ben Mor, where'd we hear of that guy?) but keep an ear out for album opener "The Knock Is Here" and Vandross-sampling summerjam "Don't Keep Me Waiting." And yo, Def Jammers: make sure that "Sick Of Waiting" gets heard, somehow.

Posted: April 27, 2005
Set It Off