At The Drive-In Collaborate Again... Sort Of...

There was a time when it looked like At The Drive-In could very well take over the world. They had the songs to kick alternative rock radio in the balls. The very second that the band appeared to be on the path to rock & roll stardom, they opted to put the band on indefinite hiatus. Sure we now have Sparta and the Mars Volta, but damnit we miss At The Drive-In.

In what is the first collaboration since their break/hiatus/whatever you want to call it, the members got together to make up a tracklist for their upcoming anthology. This Station Is Non Operational is due out on May 25 on Fearless Records. The collection will include both an audio CD as well as a DVD bonus disc filled with tasty treats. The CD will include their favorite tunes, limited edition tracks and b-sides. Even covers of Pink Floyd and Smiths make it on the disc.

CD tracklisting:
01. “Fahrenheit”
02. “Picket Fence Cartel”
03. “Chanbara”
04. “Lopsided”
05. “Napoleon Solo”
06. “Pickpocket”
07. “Metronome Arthritis”
08. “198d”
09. “One Armed Scissor”
10. “Enfilade”
11. “Non Zero Possibility”
12. “Incetardis”
13. “Doorman’s Placebo”
14. “Autorelocator”
15. “Rascuache”
16. “This Night Has Opened My Eyes”
17. “Initiation”
18. “Take Up Thy Stethoscopes And Walk”

DVD tracklisting:
01. “One Armed Scissor”
02. “Invalid Litter Dept.”
03. “Metronome Arthritis”
04. “Operations Manual” – Electronic Press Kit
05. Discography
06. Wallpaper & Buddy Icons

At The Drive-In Collaborate Again... Sort Of...