Death Cab For Cutie To Release Documentary

On July 26th indie kids around the world will be microwaving popcorn and putting together watching parties for the arrival of the DVD of their favorite band: Death Cab For Cutie. According to Billboard, the band will be releasing a documentary titled Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie.

Justin Mitchell, who basically became a member of the group during their 2004 North American Tour, directed the film. It will include thirteen live performances, an acoustic set in San Francisco, rehearsals and demo footage. Frontman Ben Gibbard described the film on their official website, where he said: “It's primarily a tour film, but there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that unmasks us as the dorks we truly are.”

Here is the live performance tracklisting:

"The Sound of Settling" (Portland, OR)
"The New Year" (Seattle, WA)
"We Laugh Indoors" (Tempe, AZ)
"Styrofoam Plates" (Dallas, TX)
"Title and Registration" (New Orleans, LA)
"Company Calls" (Birmingham, AL)
"Tiny Vessels" (Austin, TX)
"Transatlanticism" (Dallas, TX)
"Expo '86" (Portland, OR)
"We Looked Like Giants" (San Francisco, CA)
"Why You'd Want to Live Here" (Los Angeles, CA)
"Prove My Hypotheses" (Seattle, WA)
"Bend to Squares" (Seattle, WA)

Death Cab For Cutie To Release Documentary