BRMC Return With HOWL

Oh happy day! Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have completed work on their third record, titled HOWL. The worldwide release date is set for August 22, which will be preceded by the single “Ain’t No Easy Way” sometime in early August. The record will be released in the UK on Echo, and in the US on RCA. If the audio from their website is any indication to the new direction of their music, this should make for a very interesting change for the group.

You might remember the drama between the band and their drummer Nick Jago. Well, according to the band’s website he is back in BRMC once again. In a message to their message board, bassist and co-vocalist Robert Turner said: “For everyone that's been concerned and in the dark on what's happening with Nick, we've recently reconciled with Nick and he's back playing drums again. We're all really happy to be playing music together again. It's more fun than it's ever been in the past.”

Although the album is still a few months away, BRMC went ahead and posted the tracklisting. Some UK dates have already been announced with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Hopefully some US dates will show up closer to the release of their new record.

01. “Shuffle Your Feet”
02. “Howl”
03. “Devil’s Waitin’”
04. “Ain’t No Easy Way”
05. “Still Suspicion Holds You Tight”
06. “Fault Line”
07. “Promise”
08. “Weight Of The World”
09. “Restless Sinner”
10. “Gospel Song”
11. “Complicated Situation”
12. “Sympathetic Noose”
13. “The Line”

BRMC Return With HOWL