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The Kick And The Snare

The Deathray Davies have been conquering the world one fan at a time for what seems like an eternity. I first experienced this talented group when it was a one-man band from Dallas. Frontman John Dufilho rocked out a magnificent debut Deathray record titled Drink With The Grown-Ups And Listen To The Jazz. Now a full band, the Deathray Davies are up to their fifth record, titled The Kick And The Snare. Their '60s fueled mod-pop has never sounded better. Few bands can write songs that are this damn catchy and yet so good. The Deathray Davies take everything that made Britpop cool and merged it with everything great about indie rock. Throughout the course of their album the group wears their influences prominently on their sleeves, fusing equal parts of The Kinks and The Beach Boys. The record opens up with "The Fall Fashions", complete with infectious guitar hooks, pounding keyboards and a sweet-ass horn arrangement. Their fuzzed-out pop continues with "Plan To Stay Awake", which builds up to a chorus that nearly explodes with its layers of harmonies. This is the type of song that makes you go "SHIT, why didn't I sign this band?" The record closes with yet another masterpiece titled "Alaska". How in the hell Dufilho continues to come up with such consistently catchy melodies boggles the mind. Musical genius? Definitely. The Kick And The Snare is by far their greatest release, so get off your ass and check this record out. Your head will nod, your toes will tap, and you will increase your cool quota by at least 10%. The Deathray Davies make rock the way it is supposed to be made, so do your eardrums a favor and give this record a listen.

The Deathray Davies

The Kick And The Snare