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Gene Simmons To Show His Family Jewels

Step aside Britney Spears, as a REAL rock star is ready to take the reality television spotlight. Unlike most of the other reality TV shows featuring lame-ass celebrities and pop stars that are guaranteed flops, we just got word about a show that is destined to be a must-see. Rock legend Gene Simmons recently previewed the pilot episode of his upcoming A&E series titled Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and it sounds pretty damn amazing. With the huge numbers of rabid KISS fans around the globe, including our very own Drew Goldberg pictured to the right, this show will easily rule the TV airwaves.

So what is the basic idea behind Simmons’ reality show? Here it is, straight from his official website: “GS Family Jewels' stars myself and the beautiful lady to whom I have been happily UNmarried for almost 22 years, Shannon Tweed... our towering, handsome, young Heir To The Throne, Nick Tweed Simmons...and the future President of the United States and Miss America herself, Sophie Tweed Simmons...and, a host of thousands. Literally. You'll see how different my life, my home life and my philosophy of life is to yours. You'll come home with me. And you'll go with me as I scour the world in my never-ending search to make every day above ground a hoot. And it is!!! Follow me as I get invited to sit front row, center at the Las Vegas Adult Video Awards (the AVNs)...and, well I'll leave it at that. Wait and see.”

Simmons at the AVNs? Although the air dates have yet to be announced, we are already getting our Tivo’s warmed up and ready to tape some television greatness!

Gene Simmons To Show His Family Jewels