No Blur Without Graham Coxon

With the new Gorillaz song “Feel Good Inc” invading every media outlet possible, it is tough to hide from Damon Albarn. We have been without Blur for a few years now, so what will it take for Albarn to get the group back together for another record? Without former guitarist Graham Coxon, there may be no more Blur.

Albarn told Billboard: “I'm waiting for Graham to talk to me again. I'd love to see if we could make another record. I miss playing live in something that I grew up in. I do feel it's a shame that we didn't stick to it. Hopefully, we'll play together soon. As musicians, we need to spread peace and love."

So is it possible? Would Coxon mend his ties with Albarn for the sake of making one final record together? In an interview earlier this year with NME, he said that joining Blur right now was “not on the cards.”

With Albarn supporting the new Gorillaz record, and Coxon working hard on his solo career, the chances of a Blur reunion seem quite slim. C’mon guys... give us just one more Blur record!

No Blur Without Graham Coxon