A Certain Trigger

"If you were alone on an island and could only take five CDs with you, who would you take?"

I was recently asked this question by someone I know and it got me to thinking. I have had a really hard time lately. Music has been OK for the most part, but I have been lacking that special feeling you get when you hear something that really grabs onto you. We are talking about bands on the level of becoming favorites. Keep this in mind as I write this review - as I have found one of those five CDs I would take with me.
The headlines have been around overseas for a bit, and word is quickly spreading stateside. Normally I am not one for hype, but its one of those rare occasions where you hear a band and it sticks inside your head and the only way to remove it would be by lobotomy. Only this time, I am not complaining, I am professing my new faith to Maximo Park. If you were to say that I am acting like a teenage girl at a NKOTB show circa 1988 you probably wouldn't be too far off. Maximo Park's debut full length, A Certain Trigger, came out this week in the UK, and May 31 over here. Granted their sound may not be new, the pulsing-angular-guitar-rock, but it's the spirit of the band that truly comes across when you listen to the album. There are the obvious standouts, "Apply Some Pressure", "The Coast Is Always Changing", "Graffiti", and "I Want You To Stay", but the real surprise on the album is "Acrobat", a dark and somewhat seductive song that takes its cue right from Sheffield's finest, Pulp. One of the many things I love about the album is that there is absolutely no filler - none. I can't remember the last time I said that about a record. I hate to be cliché and say that this is Futureheads meets Franz Ferdinand, but if that is what it takes to get someone to listen to them then I will say it. About the only thing that outshines the album is their live show, which involves more energy than an eight year old with ADD. Watch out, 2005 is not the year of the rooster; it is the year of Maximo Park.
Maximo Park

A Certain Trigger