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Sons Of Daughters

May 17, 2005

Today’s lunch hour was spent hobnobbing with various members of the press, a delicious plate of roast chicken breast, some grilled scrimps and Jay Z, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Steve Stoute and Tommy Mottola. Though we tend to sup with moguls on a regular basis, this was a particularly special occasion: a press conference for the beauty line Carol’s Daughter at the 40/40 Club.

The pubahs were on hand to speak on behalf of founder Lisa Price’s handmade bottles of Ocean Body Cleansing Gel and Brown Sugar Body Scrubs - aside from being die hard fans (“I love the mango body scrub,” said Mottola), they're also the primary investors. How, you ask, does a homespun product like this end up with such a pedigree of financial backers? According to Stoute, “I really believed in this woman and her vision.” (Cool, we got a vision too, Stevie - holler back.) It all comes down to tenacity, folks: in the words of Will Smith, “I won’t rest until there is Love Butter in every household.”

Sons Of Daughters