Live - Brazilian Girls Live And Fischerspooner DJ Set @ Crobar

Not since my days in Miami have I witnessed such a spectacle. The Chicago location of club chain Crobar hosted the Silver Studio Tour featuring Brazilian Girls and a DJ set by Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner. The Camel-sponsored event felt like an upscale carnival with its cigarette booths and sideshow activities in an outdoor “pleasure” tent, where a stage and runway was set up for Brazilian Girls’ performance and a fashion show. In one corner, a sexagenarian artist painted patrons’ portraits in earthy yellows, reds, and browns while in the other corner two women airbrushed patrons’ faces with Mac make-up. Gorgeous ladies scantily clad in flowing dresses, frayed cowgirl mini skirts, roller skates, and pigtails drifted throughout the affluent crowd, occasionally stopping to shake their bootays. One particularly daring gal had her entire body decorated with tiger stripes and was practically naked save a pair of tiny boy cut underwear and a mesh wrap around her chest.

When Brazilian Girls took the stage, the audience thickened as people filtered into the tent from Crobar’s main room. Wearing a white tank top, white pants and white heels, vocalist Sabina Sciubba captivated the crowd with her buttery smooth singing, seductive dancing, and charming banter. Though she hid behind Grace Jones sunglasses and a wall of bangs, her multi-cultural sex appeal could not be ignored. Like a sophisticated combo of Blondie and The Sugarcubes, the quartet blended house, electro, reggae, and international sounds on songs such as “Don’t Stop”, “Dance Till the Morning Sun”, and “Pussy”, which is about a part of the female anatomy. Even the lyrics in Spanish, French, and German transcended language barriers. After their healthy hour-long set, Brazilian Girls were called back for an encore, which has basically become standard procedure no matter how feeble the audience’s applause.

Right on schedule, Warren Fischer entered the DJ booth, which was located at the top of the stairs in the main room, with his “assistant,” otherwise known as the guy who actually spun the records. I’d never encountered this system of music selection before, so Larry Tee cleared up my confusion: “He isn’t really a DJ. … Would you expect Fischerspooner to do anything the right way?” Among a blend of ’80s electro, house, disco, and trance, Fischer had his assistant play Odyssey’s single “Just Let Go,” a remix of “Banquet” by Bloc Party, and LCD Soundsystem’s “Beat Connection”. For the two plus hours, Fischer kept the crowd steadily buzzing with dance versions of songs by The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley.

Despite Fischer’s somewhat generic set (and the price of drinks at Crobar), the main room’s bottom floor was filled with sweaty, drunken dancers. Maybe the $4 lemon drops had something in them I didn’t know about (it certainly wasn’t liquor). Visual entertainment came from the other two guys in the DJ booth, one controlling the club’s lights and the other syncing up video clips from his lap top. Two women dressed in white chiffon outfits did an avant-garde dance performance, followed by two men hanging from the ceiling who literally bounced off the wall to the beat, like some kind of musical mountain climbers.

 Meanwhile, DJ Madrid provided the soundtrack for the fashion show taking place in the pleasure tent. Unfortunately, I missed this segment of the event because I was, I don’t know, listening to the main act? (I think somebody’s scheduling skills need to be reevaluated.) My friend, however, did inform me that the girls’ bods were hot, but their faces were not.

Toward the end of the evening, I was chatting with some friends by the bar near the ladies bathroom when Warren Fischer walked by. I called him over and introduced myself as the chick who interviewed him over the phone when he was in London a couple months ago. He was very friendly and looked classy in his dark gray blazer and black T-shirt. I told him I enjoyed his set, and he said he wished that Fischerspooner could have done a live show, promising that he’d be back with Casey Spooner in September. So if you weren’t able to catch the Crobar gig, don’t worry—Fischerspooner’s fall tour will be well worth the wait.

Source: Amber Drea

Live - Brazilian Girls Live And Fischerspooner DJ Set @ Crobar