The Stone Roses Reunion Rumors Are Back

Once upon a time music fans thought hell would freeze over before The Stone Roses ever got back together. Well, get your winter coats ready because this very well could become reality. Guitarist John Squire told Time Out the he wants to get the group back together and on the road.

Squire was asked if he would be making any more solo records, to which he replied: “Well, we had had twins at the start of the year, so I’ve had my hands full with them. But yeah, the plan is to make a ferocious guitar record on my own. And then to put the Roses back together.” Now listen closely, as you can faintly hear the sound of Britpop fans around the globe wetting their pants.

So is the nasty feud between Squire and frontman Ian Brown coming to an end? To this Squire replied: “Well, that remains to be seen.” C’mon now! The Roses need to quit teasing us and just get back together. Even Noel Gallagher is on our side, telling City Life magazine: “They’ve got unfinished business, and they’d have to do new tunes, but they’d be idiots if they didn’t; Mani would at the drop of a hat; Ian and John have got issues, but they can be worked out."

An online petition calling for the reformation of the band has been started. Waste some time today by voting here.

The Stone Roses Reunion Rumors Are Back