Mark Gardener Puts Final Touches On New Album, Tours

You all have heard the story. Alternative radio is dying but there are so many artists out there that fit the bill and do not have an outlet. So sad especially considering there are so many Alt artists out there (old and new) that have some pretty amazing albums coming out. One of those established artists is Mark Gardener of Ride fame.

Gardener has a new solo record that is planned to come out this fall. One of the cool things about this is that he as of now (three quarters of the way through) has financed this himself based on funds he receives when touring. The new album will feature Goldrush and Cat Martino who also have albums coming out this autumn. In addition it will be coming out through various different labels worldwide, however you can preorder a limited numbered special edition directly from Oxford Music.

Mark Gardener told his fans, “The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly I need to raise the money in advance to pay for the remaining studio time. As the album is almost finished I am completely confident that the album requires just few weeks more work and that by the time I return to the UK at the beginning of July I will have a finished album with me. The second reason is that I want to produce something a bit special for all of you who have shown your undying support across the world since I played that first solo show at SXSW in Austin in March 2003. During these two years a New York filmmaker has been documenting the evolution of this album and this film will be included as a bonus DVD with this online-only Special Limited Edition of the album. I will also be including footage from some of the live shows that have been filmed during this period plus some of the demo versions of the album tracks.”

See Mark live:
05.30.05 Boston, MA (Paradise)
05.31.05 New York, NY (Living Room)
06.08.05 San Francisco, CA (Popscene)
06.09.05 Los Angeles, CA (The Derby)
06.10.05 San Diego, CA (Casbah)

Mark Gardener Puts Final Touches On New Album, Tours